At a Major Real Estate Conference recently held in New York , noted web-savvy real estate visionary, Larry Vecchio, unveiled an exclusively offered, web-based solution set to “...elevate consumer relevance and professional value.” Founder Vecchio, ex­plained, “This is a natural, geo-local progression from company to agent and now, town-specific real estate websites... that also prominently feature select Real Estate Agents.”

Although, admittedly, hundreds of thousands of Real Estate professionals can point to their obligatory company or per­sonal websites...until now, they have not been provided the opportunity to individually and exclusively OWN the com­bination of a consumer-centric URL, a town or towns specific and customizeable website, the chance to be promoted as a Real Estate Town Advocate, along with incomparable marketing materials and coaching support. will also serve as a vehicle to stimulate community participation and content within each website.

“There’s never been anything like this for the Real Estate Industry, and significantly, for consumers as well,” pro­claimed Vecchio, Broker of VRI Homes. “Over two years of research and development has lead to our near-ready to launch major initiative. During this process, we also learned that the best way Real Estate professionals can gain the robust real estate related support of their town or first and foremost to become the Real Estate Town Advocate...for the Town or Towns they seek to do more business in.” This will help our agents better service our buyers and sellers and also help our community businesses.

Vecchio further commented, “What is really important for forward-thinking and consumer-conscious Real Estate pro­fessionals to grasp, they will receive access to an exclusive, geo-targeted, town-by-town specific and branded URL, social media page,collateral marketing materials and support!” Vecchio continued, “...the secret to listing and marketing homes on the web is to first list, market and promote entire towns ex­clusively on the web! The best way to list more homes in YOUR town or through!” is a URL-protected, town-specific network of websites which enable Real Estate Town Advocates to continually advance the lifestyles, real estate values, and civic and community services of the community they serve. Town websites include property listings, area information,school reports,title closing services,mortgage rates,Insurance and local business links.

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