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Why Real Estate Agents Need Community Websites

Real Estate Agents, do you remember the day when homebuyers and sellers saw your advertisement in a newspaper and asked you to help with their home matter? Do you remember when your shiny headshot graced community billboards and local events? This may still happen today, but the reality is every smart agent knows the value in being actively involved on a community website.

If you're asking what's a community website, let's simply start here:

 What is a Community Website?

A community website is a place in which a potential homebuyer or seller (i.e., your potential client) goes to learn about community services, such as real estate, as well as do research on the community. While many real estate agents may sell or help homeowners purchase homes in numerous areas, the most successful agents

dominate a particular town and work it until they are the "known" experts in that area. While it's nice to be jack-of-all trades, an agent who intimately knows the heartbeat of a town, city or suburban neighborhood is a real estate agent who is well paid and happy.


The bottom line is though, just having an encyclopedic mind of knowledge about your town won't help you to drum up business. A community website however, can be a place that is easily Google-searched in which you, the savvy agent, can list information on your "home" town and area. This is where you as a  real estate agent can establish authority over your town and help gain the trust and confidences of thousands of potential clients.


 What Can a Community Website Do For You, The Agent?

A community website can showcase knowledge an agent may have, such as:

·      School information

·      Town demographics

·      Commuting habits and mass transit information

·      Community events and happenings

·      Trademarks of a particular town—this is where you as the agent, can really show off the town you love showing

·      Real estate values in the neighborhood

·      Town history

Even if you don't already know every intricacy about a town, delving in and doing the research in order to offer it to thousands of Google-able eyeballs, will help you master your town until you are truly, a local expert.


 Also—Let People Know About Your Business

Having a community website in which people can devour information about the town and learn about you, the town expert and real estate agent, gives you the chance to earn clients almost effortlessly. There's nothing like a drive through town to get a sense of the town's environment, but most consumers today are savvy and know that a simple few drive-through's won't tell them all that they need to know in order to pick a town or city to call home. This is where your community website comes in. You provide people with the information they need to make a smart decision.


 But What If They Don't Want to Buy in My Town?

Sure, there's always the chance a potential buyer could give your town or city the thumbs down, but providing consumers with the most intimate and important information about your area of domain will mean you get better leads. A person who has liked what he or she read on your site, is most apt to buy in your area because he or she has the information needed to fall in love with a town. And every smart businessperson knows that a happy client, means a happy client.

 What Else Does My Community Page Need?

Your community page needs your voice and contact details. Every real estate agent is different. What are some of the interesting aspects of your town and selling approach that you feel will benefit your potential clients? A community website is the place to do it.


What it all boils down to is you the real estate agent, need a strong community website with fresh content. Today's consumer demands it and won't trust you without that sacred knowledge. Invest in a community website and watch as your business grows!