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Top 10 Reasons to Become a HomesIn Partner

Real Estate Agent 

Sometimes a residential real estate website focused on your listings and branding as a realtor is not enough to market yourself to your fullest potential. You need a stealthier way of capturing leads. One of the best stealth websites is a town or community site, which focuses on community content based on a particular neighborhood. 

Top 10 Reasons 

1. The Real Estate Professionals who make the most amount of money do so by securing listings... HomesIn was created for this reason.

2. According to NAR, consumers are more dedicated to selecting the appropriate town, city or neighborhood than even the home itself... that’s why we created HomesIn

3. The word HomesIn is most search real estate term according to Google AdWords.

4. The several thousand homeowners who live within your local communities have more to do with determining your income than the 7 billion people on the rest of the planet, the 2 billion+ people who use the internet and the 1.2 billion people on Facebook together...and we know where all of these residents live... this is why HomesIn was created for you to connect with them through their self-interests

5. We believe the best way to secure more listings in town is to first, figuratively speaking, list the entire town... in the same way that a developer markets an entire community...this is why we created HomesIn.com

6. Every other marketing program in the industry, from Zillow to company marketing programs, is shared amongst other Realtors. There is absolutely none which are exclusivity offered... this is why we created HomesIn.com

7. If you become our member, will you not only make a commitment to market our site locally but we will you help you grow by building national portal?

8. On all other sites, you wait for consumers to come from the site... the purpose of Homesin.com is for you to bring local homeowners to the site ... but that requires a marketing and promotionally oriented member.

9. How many listings were there last year in your town... and what percentage did you get?

10. If every homeowner in your town was asked, “Who does the best job of marketing your town?” Would the answer be you?

These sites are targeted towards home buyers who are interested in a particular kind of neighborhood. If you are a Realtor based on a particular part of town, then this neighborhood website is just the thing for you.

A neighborhood website would help you build a solid reputation in the neighborhood and help you build a reputation among home-owners automatically. Furthermore a neighborhood website will definitely lower you marketing costs and increase your listing referrals.

Moreover, if your marketing strategy is not providing the desired results or if you want to gain an edge over other realtors for the same listings then you should set yourself apart by having a community website.

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Do you rent or own?

It used to be that everyone's goal was to own a home when they grew up. However, it seems that more and more adults continue to rent. Both options have their benefits. Whatever you prefer, HomesIn is your one stop resource! Whether you are looking for your first home to purchase or to improve your credit, we are to help. Take our poll, and let us know whether you rent or own.

Do you own or rent?
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