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Back in the day if a potential homebuyer wanted to learn about a town, he or she sort of had to go by word of mouth or visits. Maybe the newspaper. Getting a real "bird's –eye" view of a town was difficult, but thanks to the internet and social media, today's homebuyers can get a better picture of a potential town before they place their hard-earned money on a down payment. Still—you could randomly hunt all over Google and Facebook and find pages of information on potential new towns, but how do you know the information is legit? Especially if the "conversation" around a town is scattered?

A community website.

What is a Community Website?

A community website is a place in which a potential homebuyer or seller—YOU—

go to learn about community services, such as real estate listings, as well as do research on the community.

What are the schools like? What is the town culture? Where do people go to shop? What are the pro's and perhaps, con's of the town?

A real estate agent that is vested in the community can certainly be of tremendous help to you as a homebuyer, but a community website is the perfect one-stop destination for homebuyers who want one location to find out the info they need on potential towns. You can't move into a town blindly—and community websites ensure that you don't!

What Can a Community Website Teach You as the HomeBuyer?

Community websites will give a homebuyer a ton of info like-

· Who the local real estate agents are: Don't you want to find a real estate agent who has an encyclopedic knowledge about a town? Some real estate agents focus on many towns but on a local community website, you're bound to meet the "town expert."

· The necessary school information: If you have kids or are planning on having kids, you'll want a place to find out all the school 411

· What are the town demographics & culture?: The website will have all of that info for you in one spot

· Are there any community events we can attend to understand the town's culture?: A community website will have this information for you

· What are the values of the real estate in town?

· What is the town history?: Are there any special town landmarks?

· What are some of the local town businesses?: Towns that are invested in the community will be listed on these sites as they want local people and new potential locals to frequent their businesses

Don't buy blindly! A community website will give you all the tools in order to not only pick the town where you would like to live, but it also can get you on the road to buying your home. You'll have access to the best local real estate agents in order to make a solid purchase. Before you will even have moved in, you'll get a sense of the community in a way you haven't before. This will only make your life more rich and rewarding in the long run knowing you chose the perfect place in which to "place down your roots!"

Happy Home Hunting!


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