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According to HGTV, 88% of potential home buyers begin their search online, which means that their decision to pursue your property relies entirely on the snapshot of your home’s exterior. For a potential buyer, their first impression is formed the second they pull up to your home. Curb appeal counts more than you might imagine, and with just a few tips, it is possible to liven up your landscape to quicken the selling process.

Days of driving around the neighborhood eyeing "For Sale" signs have been replaced with virtual home-buying, allowing the picture of your house to be shared all over the web. The first impression can no longer be made in person; rather it must be established before an interest is even formed.

The snapshot of your home’s exterior says a lot about the detail and character on the inside, so when capturing the scene, make sure you are showing the best version of your house. Try to think back and remember when you were the buyer- take note of what made you fall in love. Was it the way the light perfectly fell through the window into the den? The crisp paint job? The gorgeous porch swing? As you go through the checklist, reflect on these aspects in your own home.

1. Windex Those Windows!

So much dirt and grime can collect on a window pane, and while it might not seem as obvious to you, a buyer is scrutinizing every little aspect. Give your panes a good wash to save you the pain of having your house longer on the market.

2. Power Wash Your Worries Away.

If your house’s exterior paint is light colored (white, gray, yellow), a powerful shower can improve the appearance of your house and even reduce exterior age. The clean surface will look taken care of and inviting.

3. Landscape! Landscape! Landscape!

An inch of grass can completely change the view of a house from the curb. Grab those gardening shears, and get to work on pesky weeds and grass for a much cleaner looking lawn.

4. Delete Extra Items From View

Kids make messes and clutter, but for a potential buyer, it should never be obvious that a house is filled with kids from the exterior view. If the front porch is cluttered with bikes and toys, what is to say that the interior is any different?

5. Bid the Bushes Goodbye.

After you’ve spent all that time cleaning your windows, take time to trim bushes in order for the new glass to be seen. Be careful with trimming to make sure that your cuts are level, as a craggy bush can throw off the balance of your yard.

6. Sunflowers, Tulips, and Petunias, Oh My!

Make your yard really pop with some bright flowers and shrubs. Choose complementing, but daring vegetation that will make a buyer take a second look at your property. Let them see the possibilities of a garden or flower bed, and stop them from scrolling on to the next page!

7. Paint Chip? I Don’t See Any Paint Chips.

Now is the time to take care of any obvious surface damage like chipping paint, rotting wood, or rusty window screens. Not only will your house appeal to more buyers with fewer blemishes, but it will also save you from doing any extra jobs in the future.

8. Be a Buyer.

Get in your car and drive down your road. Seriously. As you pull into your driveway, see what captures your eye first. If it is a blemish, fix it, but if it is an aspect of the exterior, embellish it.

9. Bring in Some Brightness.

Similar to the flowers, be sure to add color and life to your exterior by trading in your dull and faded seat cushions for some brand new ones. Let the buyers envision themselves on the couch.

10. Welcome Buyers With a Wreath.

After you’ve spent all day fixing up the exterior, finish up the job by adding a brand new wreath to the front door. Let potential buyers feel welcomed to explore the interior, so they can truly see the property as a future home.

Before you post a photo of your house online, go through this checklist to make sure you are offering up the best version of your property. With just a few simple fixes, you house can go from "okay," to "wow!" We want your house to be shared, not ignored!

Written by Emerson Heflin


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